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    Miriam Elia

    In series 2a of the latest Dung Beetle guide, Mummy, John and Susan go through an indefinite period of self isolation at home during the Lockdown. In this solitary time, the children will be forcibly adapted to the 'new normal', where they have no real life fiends, no purpose, and are conditioned to see their peers as portable germ vessels. Dung Beetle is doing this for the benefit and care of the terminally ill.

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  • In book 1d of the Dung Beetle Learning series, Mummy, John and Susan are taken on a thrilling Christmas adventure. By interrogating Santa Claus and exposing his 'vicious programme of indoctrination,' Mummy proceeds to strip Christmas of all its magic and meaning, for the benefit of mankind. Originally based on the Private Eye Christmas special, this book will joyfully ruin the Yuletide festival period for children and adults alike.

  • In book 1c of the Dung Beetle Learning series, mummy takes Susan and John out for an exciting day trip in London, as part of their new re-education programme. Looking, thinking and re-evaluating the world around them is a crucial part of a child's core development. A simple stroll down the local high street is magically illuminated by mummy's insights into the nature of society, religion, art and the various other forms of hierarchal or patriarchal oppression.

  • In book 1b of the Dung Beetle Learning series, Mummy takes John and Susan out of their local school to be re-educated at home, and introduce to their young minds a new, alternative world view. In order to do so, mummy will ground all learning in a feelings-based outlook, free of any actual facts or skills, and re-evaluate core subjects such as mathematics, religion, philosophy and art.

  • The darkly comic musings of a deeply thoughtful rodent-the perfect gift for pet lovers and anguished existentialists of all ages.

    Edward is a hamster-yet he contains multitudes. Trapped in a cage with a wheel that taunts him with its meaninglessness, Edward records the existential ennui that is the sum of his short life. His diary is an extraordinary work, filled with profound meditations on the nature of captivity, the emptiness of life, and the irrational will to live. This dark, pithy, irresistibly witty diary, with illustrations by acclaimed artist Miriam Elia, makes the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. It won't take long before readers recognize that Edward is not just a hamster-he is a state of mind.

    This irreverant, illustrated gift book is perfect for: * White elephant gifts * Gag gifts * Funny gifts * Gifts for coworkers * Office gifts * Gifts for men * Gifts for women

  • A satirical take on the much-loved ladybird books of the '60s. John and Susan visit an art gallery with Mummy and discover the real meaning behind contemporary works of art such as empty rooms, giant vaginas and inflatable dogs.

  • A deliciously dark gothic giftbook, for pet lovers and anguished existentialists of all ages

  • From the creators of We Go to the Gallery comes the story of a precocious young pig who goes to university and decides to become a hero of the downtrodden and oppressed.

  • Following a successful run on Radio 7, Miriam Elia's fantastical Sony Radio Academy Award nominated comedy sketch series transfers to Radio 4 for a second series, with new characters and a few familiar faces. Originally broadcast from 29 September 2010 - 20 October 2010, this download offers another chance to step inside the deranged mind of comedian Miriam Elia (winner of BBC Radio 7's 'Witty and Twisted' competition).In 'A Series of Psychotic Episodes', Moses receives his first Commandments, Captain Empathy tries to avert disaster, Edward the Hamster makes a friend, and Sweep has an interesting story about his life before he met Sooty. Meanwhile Postman Pat finds out that his life so far is based on a lie, and 'Darwinian Families' launch a new toy range...
    This slightly skewed sketch comedy features the voices of Rachel Atkins, Miriam Elia, Pippa Evans, Geoff McGivern, David Reed and Dan Tetsell.