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The third book in the The Night''s Dawn trilogy, The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton is an epic conclusion to dramatic and compelling series. The Confederation is verging on collapse, unable to prevent the enemy from sweeping through the galaxy. And Earth''s defences have finally been penetrated, its giant domed cities destroyed one by one. As time runs out for civilization, those who fight on must join forces and form new alliances - but an enemy''s enemy isn''t always a friend. The war is desperate on all fronts, with battles fought on a scale unseen by humankind for six centuries. There are rumours that an ancient space-faring race faced this same threat to its existence - surviving with the help of the Sleeping God. If this mysterious and powerful entity truly exists, we may be able to find it. And if it really can avert the ultimate catastrophe, we may at last find hope. Joshua Clavert and Syrinx now fly their starships on a mission to find the Sleeping God - which an alien race believes holds the key to finally overthrowing the possessed.

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    Peter F. Hamilton

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    Pan Books

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    1 264 Pages

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Peter F. Hamilton

Né en 1960 en Angleterre, Peter F. Hamilton a débuté sa carrière d'écrivain en 1987. Il s'est très vite imposé comme l'un des piliers du renouveau de la SF britannique. Mais là où ses amis auteurs exploraient de nouveaux courants, Hamilton a préféré faire revivre l'émerveillement des grandes aventures spatiales chères aux grands auteurs de l'âge d'or : Asimov, Clarke et Heinlein. Dans ce domaine, ses cycles L'Aube de la nuit et L'Étoile de Pandore font référence. Il est le maître incontesté du space opera moderne !